The Theater Capital of the World Has
The Best Musicians in the World

There are over 10,000 broadway musical performances every year. They are brought to life by the Musicians of Broadway.

From My Fair Lady to Dear Evan Hansen, no two shows are alike. Pulling from diverse genres, broadway scores can include classical, pop, jazz, latin, rock, and hip hop. With so many musical styles represented, sometimes even in the same show, it could be a challenging job. But for the Musicians of Broadway, this is one of the myriad reasons why it is rewarding.


Outside of the theater, the Musicians of Broadway work in virtually all segments of the music industry performing with the world’s leading orchestras, touring internationally with marquee artists, and recording for film and television. Many have been trained at the world’s finest conservatories and universities including Juilliard, Curtis, the Berklee College of Music, Harvard and Yale. It is this combination of training, years of experience, and personal artistry that the Musicians of Broadway bring to every performance that thrills theater goers.


The Musicians of Broadway dedicate themselves to fostering future generations of musicians by teaching on the faculties of New York’s major universities, conservatories, and community music schools. Advocacy and charitable causes are also priorities for the Musicians of Broadway. Some have even started their own organizations championing causes including using music to ease the suffering of Alzheimer’s patients, advocating for music education, and seeking an end to global poverty.

Mission Statement


Musicians of Broadway strives to increase the visibility of theater musicians with theater audiences. Communicating the compelling stories of Broadway's world-class musicians directly with their audiences will strengthen the theater musician’s identity with the live music they create, providing a deeper understanding of the diverse experiences that enrich each musician’s contribution to New York’s thriving theater community. 

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