Musicians of Broadway in the Community

Musicians of Broadway know the importance of being involved in the community, locally and globally. Whether it is presenting live music to the public in new and creative ways, lending a hand to or starting a charity, or participating in environmental conservation, they can be found there. These are just a few of the things they are involved in. Keep your eye on this page for the inspiring work done by Broadway musicians. Much more to come...

Broadway Alzheimer's iPod Drive

Read more about this incredible charity that eases the suffering of Alzheimer's patients across the country. Click here!

Lelt Foundation
Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 12.00.02

Providing a permanent solution to cyclical poverty in Ethiopia. Read more.

How to be Greener on Broadway…and everywhere else

Saving the environment one show at a time. Read more here.

Broadway Buskers:
Out of the Pit

Times Square concert series keeps music flowing.

Stars in the Alley

Live musical theatre sounds better outside!