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Building Resilience and Strength: Farmer Dave Phillips, Bronxville Giving Garden

by Dave Phillips

You know how sometimes we have ‘ah-ha’ moment? One of mine appeared a couple years ago after I received the results of a soil test from garden beds. The profile illustrated not only the macro components - calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus and Sulphur, but also the micro nutrients which include, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium and more. At this point, I thought to myself….hmmm? Isn’t that the basic profile of a multi vitamin supplement? Sure enough, an almost perfect match. This led me down the tangled path of research to decipher what had deteriorated our food supply that now requires a supplemental approach to reap the health benefits. The sobering conclusion was that due to industrial use of mono cultures, our soils have been neglected and depleted of their innate power to maintain and sustain our fundamental health benefits and immune systems.

I recently attended a soil and health conference in Massachusetts sponsored by the Bio Nutrient Food Association. This devoted group of farmers and soil/health advocates, led by Dan Kittredge, started to attract other community groups country-wide. This grassroots movement’s mission is to find a way how we can reverse the deterioration of our environment and its inhabitant’s wellbeing through proper management and regentrification of our most precious gift; our soil.

I belong to The Westchester County chapter of the BFA. This chapter includes gardeners, landscapers and professional farmers. Due to their involvement there are now particular strategies being implemented to grow nutrient-dense food in gardens and farmland. The Bronxville Giving Garden has also implemented these strategies.

It’s time for us to take better care of our beloved universe and regain control of our health though her blanket of soil!

Dave Phillips is a Musician of Broadway and currently plays bass at The Book of Mormon.

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